Trainor / Traynor

The Gaelic Ulster surname Mac Threinfhir - son of strong man, or champion -is anglicized Traynor, also spelt Treanor and Trainor, without the Mac, though the prefix is retained in the variant MacCrainor, which is phonetically more correct, since the T is aspirated in the Irish form of the name. Apart from Dublin city, Traynors are chiefly found in the districts between Monaghan, Armagh and Dungannon.



Research of Irish records has revealed that in a 20 year period between 1814 and 1834

there were 9 males by surname TRAINOR (sic) living on holdings in "Damully" (Damoily)

Townland, in Co. Armagh, Ireland, on land owned by the Earl of Charlemont.

John, Patrick, Hugh, Bernard, Michael, Terence, Thomas, Owen and Felix

It seems reasonable to assume that, if not all brothers, they were related to each other in some significant manner.


Catherine TRAINOR [1817-1893]

daughter of John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY

and her husband, Cornelius O'CONNOR [1816-1892]

c1880 Toronto, Ontario

Eleanor TRAINOR [1823-1906]

daughter of John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY

and wife of Thomas O'SHEA [1817-1890]

c1840 Ontario, Canada


Pioneer Settlers of Peel County and King Township, York County


and of Sydenham Township, Grey County



John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY

Their children and, other members of the TRAINOR family including a seeming

brother of John, Patrick TRAINOR and possibly, a brother, Hugh TRAINOR.

This family originated in the Civil Parish of Kilclooney (Kilcluney), Catholic Parish of
Ballymacnab, Damoily Townland, Barony of Fews Lower, Co. Armagh, IRELAND.

They emigrated from that locale in 1825, settling in Albion Township, Peel County
and later, King Township, York County, Ontario, CANADA


Patrick TRAINOR, son of John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY,
together with his wife, Catherine CRANNEY, daughter of Michael CRANNEY, Sr.
settled on a farm on the East Side of Lot Number 9 of the Tenth Concession
of King Township, Ontario


The original brick homestead farmhouse of Patrick Trainor and Catherine Cranney

... modern renovations, rear one storey addition and, glassed in porch in place... it appeared in 1997 - King Township, York County, Ontario...

From this property they donated one acre to the Archdiocese for the building of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery, Nobleton, Ontario, which was officially opened September 23, 1855

It is noteworthy that the earliest recorded burial in St. Mary's Church cemetery is that of Cecilia DENNIS, wife of Patrick McCABE, dated February 14, 1853 (see McCABE history)

St. Mary's Church and Cemetery, Nobleton, Ontario

First Catholic Church of King Township it appeared in 1997...

This historic rural church is still in active use today 146 years after it's dedication.


Michael TRAYNOR (TRAINOR), son of John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY,
with his wife Sarah "Anne" HORAN, daughter of Michael HORAN and Mary MINNOCK, emigrated to Sydenham Township, Grey County, Ontario when the area was first
opened for settlement c1846. They obtained a land grant at Lot 27
of the Fifth Concession of Sydenham Township.

Aerial view of the homestead farm of Michael Traynor and Sarah "Anne" Horan

Sydenham Township, Grey County, Ontario

From this property they donated land c1852 to the Archdiocese for the building of
St. Michael's Church and Cemetery, "Irish Block", Sydenham Township, Ontario


Old "St. Michael's Church" erected 1868

The original church, which it replaced, was built of log

A new church building was erected in 1944 after the old church was destroyed by fire in 1943.


* John TRAINOR [1772-1869] m Catherine DALY [1778-1854]

*the relationship of the first two TRAINOR individuals listed below is uncertain...

*though definitely related to our family as cousins,
their exact relationship to John and Catherine, if any, is speculative*

John TRAINOR and Catherine DALY had eight known children:


1?. Anne TRAINOR [1793-1888](possible daughter?) m John ROSSITER, of Co. Wicklow [....-....] (remained in Ireland)(eldest son, John ROSSITER Jr. emigrated when he was of age with an apparent three siblings, Ann ROSSITER, Hynt-May ROSSITER and Thomas ROSSITER
(Hynt-May is what appears written shortform to fit line in document - could it be intended to stand for Hyacinthe-May?)

i John ROSSITER, Jr. [1831-1904] m Bridget CREENAN [1834-1916]
d/o John CREENAN and Catherine LAWLOR, having eight children:

a Michael ROSSITER [....-....] m Mary RAIDY [....-....]

b Peter ROSSITER [....-....] m Elizabeth KING [....-....]

c Thomas ROSSITER [1856-1941]

d Margaret Ann (Maggie) ROSSITER [1858-....] m Patrick PICKETT [1859-....]

e Catherine (Kate) ROSSITER [1859-1872]

f Joseph ROSSITER [1862-1933] m Margaret Theresa O'LEARY [1867-1941]
d/o John O'LEARY and Catherine HUGHES

g John P. ROSSITER [1868-1936] m Sarah Ann McCANN [1868-1936]
d/o Bernard James McCANN and Mary "Margaret" O'BRIEN

h Edward "Ned" ROSSITER [1868-1960] m Dorothy "Dora" McELROY [1861-1920]

ii Ann ROSSITER [....-....] m Henry CONNER [....-....] having three known children:

a Elisa CONNER [1856-....]

b Mary Ann CONNER [1860-....]

c William Henry CONNER [1867-....]

iii (Hynt?)-May ROSSITER [1845-....] m William HOGAN [1844-....]
s/o John HOGAN and Mary Ann ..........

iv Thomas ROSSITER [....-....]

2?. James TRAINOR [c1798-....] (possible son?)
(apparently migrated Guelph, Ontario area - no further data known)


3. Thomas TRAINOR [1801-1874] m Isabella McGOWAN [....-....] having six known children, all born in Peel County, Ontario where
Thomas and Isabella lived and farmed:

i Jane TRAINOR [1841-....]

ii Thomas TRAINOR, Jr. [1843-....]

iii Eleanor TRAINOR [1845-....]

iv Isabella Elizabeth TRAINOR [ 1847-....]

v William TRAINOR [1849-....]

vi John TRAINOR [1851-....]

4. Michael TRAYNOR (TRAINOR) [1805-1884] m Sarah "Anne" HORAN [1812 (1797?)-1881]
d/o Michael HORAN and Mary MINNOCK, having nine children:

(emigrated to Sydenham Township, Grey County, Ontario in 1846)
(adopted the alternate surname spelling, TRAYNOR)

  i Thomas TRAYNOR [1832-1862] m Mary MATTHEWS [1859-1914] having two children:

a. Sarah A. TRAYNOR [1858-....] m James MORRISON [....-....]

b. Bridget TRAYNOR [1860-....] m Archibald McCURRY [....-....]

ii John TRAYNOR [1834-1901] m Mary DOYLE [1842-1927]
d/o John DOYLE and Mary DEACON, having eleven children,
the first three born in Ontario and the next eight born in
Bruce Township, Chippewa County, Michigan, USA:

a. Catherine TRAYNOR [....-....] m (1) James O'DONNELL [c1860-....]
and m (2) James MILLS [....-....]

b. John T. TRAYNOR [1879-....] m Unknown Wife [1892/7-....]

c. Mary Elizabeth TRAYNOR [1864-1953] m John O'CONNOR [1853 Ireland-1938]

d. Ann Jane TRAYNOR [1868-....] m Joseph TAYLOR [1864-....]

e. Michael J. TRAYNOR [1870-1957] m Isabelle D. RANSON [1870-1959]
d/o Dennis? RANSON and Elizabeth "Eliza" ...........

f. Marguerite TRAYNOR [1879-....] m William BARBEAU [1872-....]

g. Josephine TRAYNOR [1881-1967] m Matthew J. DALY [....-....]

h. Patrick TRAYNOR [1886-1966] m Alice ............[1888-....]

i. Three unknown Children TRAYNOR [....-....] - died in infancy/childhood

iii Bernard TRAYNOR [1837-1928] m Mary O'DONNELL [1841-1906] having thirteen children:

a. Annie E. TRAYNOR [1862-....] m George McREAVEY [....-....]
s/o James McREAVEY and Hannah CALHOUN

b. Michael Xavier TRAYNOR [1863-1911] (Bachelor)

c. John Francis "Frank" TRAYNOR [1864-1938] (Bachelor)

d. Thomas J. TRAYNOR [1866-1920] m Amelia Dorothy REDDIN [c1894-....]

e. Joseph Patrick TRAYNOR [1868-1939] m Joanne (Josephine) FITZPATRICK [....-....]

f. Edward Bernard TRAYNOR [1869-1956] m Catherine McCURRY [1877-1973]

g. Mary Agnes TRAYNOR [1871-1872]

h. Mary Ellen TRAYNOR [1872-1949] (Spinster)

i. Mary Catherine TRAYNOR [1873-....]

j. Josephine TRAYNOR [1875-....] m Michael DUGGAN [....-....]

k. Katherine TRAYNOR [1876-1942] m George CAHOON [1869-....]
s/o William CAHOON and Bridget McGUIRE

l. Linus Joseph TRAYNOR [1879-1938] m Margaret Ellen CURLEY [1884-1972]
d/o Bernard CURLEY and ..........McGUIRE

m. Clotilda TRAYNOR [1880-1945] m Samuel Joseph CAHOON [....-aft.1945]

iv Mary TRAYNOR [1839-1918] m Charles MATTHEWS [1838-1905]
s/o Michael MATTHEWS and Bridget DWYER, having ten children:

a. Bridget MATTHEWS [....-1924] m Donald CAMERON [....-....]

b. Anne MATTHEWS [....-....]

c. Jerome MATTHEWS [....-....] (Br. Jerome of the Christian Brothers)

d. Patricia MATTHEWS [....-....] (Sr. Elizabeth SSJ)

e. Elizabeth MATTHEWS [....-....] m ..........M. FOLEY [....-....]

f. Michael MATTHEWS [....-....] m "Nellie" BREEN [....-....]

g. Martin MATTHEWS [....-....] m Unknown Wife [....-....]

h. Francis "Frank" MATTHEWS [....-....]

i. Philomena MATTHEWS [....-....] m ..........M. KEATING [....-....]

j. Leo MATTHEWS [....-....] m Marie McHUGH [....-....]

v Catherine TRAYNOR [1841-1913] m John Henry O'REILLY, Sr.(REILLY) [1836-1913]
s/o Henry O'REILLY (REILLY) and Bridget GRIMES, having seventeen children:

a. Michael James REILLY (O'REILLY) [1867-....]
emigrated 1887 to Barnes County, North Dakota, USA
emigrated 1903-1905 to Latah County, Idaho, USA
m Catherine F. ALTRINGER [1876-....]

b. Thomas O'REILLY [....-....] - in infancy

c. Joseph O'REILLY [....-....] (Br. Leonorian of the Christian Brothers)

d. John Henry O'REILLY, Jr. [....-....] m Loretta KENARY [....-....]

e. Vincent Peter O'REILLY [....-....] (Bachelor)

f.. Patrick Jerome O'REILLY [....-....] m Mary NADDY [....-....]
(emigrated to "Western Canada")

g. William Francis O'REILLY [1873-....] (Bachelor)

h. Thomas Edward O'REILLY [1873-1955]
emigrated to Dawson Creek, British Columbia
m Eve Marie DENONCOURT [1886-1962]
d/o Evaniste DENONCOURT and Victourine BOURBEAU

i. Simon Joseph O'REILLY (REILLY) [1874-1960] m Catherine MULHOLLAND [1884-1958]
d/o George MULLHOLLAND and Catherine GIBBONS

j. Leo J. O'REILLY [....-....]
emigrated to Dawson Creek, British Columbia & then, Edmonton, Alberta
m Clara DENONCOURT [....-....]
d/o Evaniste DENONCOURT and Victourine BOURBEAU

k. Patricia Mary Therese O'REILLY [....-....] (Spinster)

k. Theresa Clare "Mary" O'REILLY [....-....] (Spinster)

m. Margaret Mary O'REILLY [....-....] (twin of Dominic) (died in childhood)

n. Dominic O'REILLY [....-....] (twin of Margaret) (died in childhood)

o. Catherine Anne O'REILLY [....-....] m Charles DAVIES [....-....]

p. Bridget Agnes O'REILLY [....-....] m Patrick Charles CAHILL [c1867-....]
s/o Edward Timothy CAHILL and Ellen CAVANAGH

q. James O'REILLY [....-....] (Bachelor)

vi Michael TRAYNOR [1843-1917] m Frances P. STEWART [1846-1932],
d/o Charles STEWART and Frances HURD, having eight children:

a. Frances P. TRAYNOR [1871-....] m William ALEXANDER [....-....]

b. Thomas Bernard TRAYNOR [1873-1956] m Mary Eulalia "Minnie" CARR [1878-1956]
d/o Thomas CARR and Honorah BINANE

c. Ann Amelia TRAYNOR [1874-....] m Arthur Joseph HALL [....-....]
s/o H. HALL and Unknown Wife

d. Michael J. TRAYNOR [1875-1945] m Catherine Agnes "Kate" CARR [....-1936]
d/o Thomas CARR and Honorah BINANE

e. John Charles TRAYNOR [1878-1965] m Luvina SCHWAN [c1889-1956]
d/o Joseph SCHWAN and Christena KRUETZWEISER

f. Alice M. TRAYNOR [1883-1953] m Robert HOOD [1873-1951]

g. David P. TRAYNOR [1889-....] m Helen MAHONY [....-....]

h. Led TRAYNOR [....-1886]

vii Patrick TRAYNOR [1845-1918] m Johanna McKENNA [1853-1916]
d/o Michael McKENNA and Ellen .........., having twelve children:


a. Mary Helena TRAYNOR [1874-1964] m Peter MATTHEWS [....-1949]
s/o Patrick MATTHEWS and Amelia PAYETTE

b. Loretta TRAYNOR [1878-1961] (Sister M. St. Philip SSJ)

c. Anna Agatha TRAYNOR [1875-....] m William J. DOYLE [....-....]

d. Michael Xavier TRAYNOR [1876-1962] m Mary "Agnes" MULHOLLAND [1882-1974]
d/o George MULLHOLLAND and Catherine GIBBONS

e. Maurice Patrick TRAYNOR [1879-1970] m Loretta Mae FEEHAN [....-1980]
d/o James FEEHAN and Catherine EAGEN

f. Justina J. TRAYNOR [1882-1938] m Edward COUGHLIN [....-....]

g. John Joseph TRAYNOR [1885-1971] (Rt. Rev. J. J. TRAYNOR)

h. Patricia Catherine TRAYNOR [1886-1959] (Sister M. Loretta SSJ)

i. Elizabeth B. TRAYNOR [1888-....] m Joseph H. MORAN [....-....]

j. Beatrice TRAYNOR [1891-....] m Alexander McDONALD [....-....]

k. Thomas B. TRAYNOR [1892-1960] (Rev. T. B. TRAYNOR)

l. Aloysius Victor TRAYNOR [1896-1977] m Elizabeth RAFFERTY [1900-1948]

viii Sarah Anne TRAYNOR [1847-1944] (Sr. M. Patricia SSJ)
(at her death in 1944, aged 97 years Sarah Anne, Sr. M. Patricia had been a member of
the Religious Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph for more than 75 years)

ix Elizabeth TRAYNOR [1848-....] m William DOYLE [....-....]
s/o John DOYLE and Mary DEACON, having two known children:

a. Vincent DOYLE [....-....]

b. Patricia DOYLE [....-....]

5. Elizabeth TRAINOR [1806-....] m John CRANNEY [1802-....]
s/o Michael CRANNEY, Sr. and Unknown Wife, having thirteen children:

(emigrated to Sydenham Township, Grey County, Ontario)

i Ann CRANNEY [1835-....] (twin of Thomas)

ii Thomas CRANNEY [1835-1909] (twin of Ann) m Catherine DOYLE [1838-1920]
d/o John DOYLE and Mary DEACON, having eight children:

a. John CRANNEY [1860-bef.1871]

b. Jane Mary CRANNEY [1863-1919] m Joseph SUTTON [....-....]

c. B. Catherine CRANNEY [1864-....]

d. Margaret Ann CRANNEY [1866-1954] m William J. O'CONNOR [....-1935]

e. Thomas CRANNEY, Jr. [1869-1914]

f. C. Bridget CRANNEY [1870-....]

g. Patrick CRANNEY [1875-1927]

h. William CRANNEY [1879-....]

iii Mary CRANNEY [1836-....]

iv John CRANNEY [1838-....]

v James CRANNEY [1838-1910] m Rebecca DRAKE [18..-1920]
d/o James DRAKE and Ellen .........., having eleven children:

a. William Charles CRANNEY [1878-1958] m Ida May BAKER [1884-1974] d/o George Andrus BAKER and Maria EAGLES

b. Louis Francis CRANNEY [1879-1956] m (1) Eleanor WILSON [....-1918] & m (2) Fanny SPENCER [....-....]

c. Robert Henry CRANNEY [1881-1962] m (1) Ellen WILSON [....-1919] d/o Thomas WILSON and Margaret REOCH & m (2) Mary GREEN[....-1931]

d. Oney CRANNEY [1889-1960] m Anna ..........[....-....]
emigrated to Dayton, Ohio, USA

e. Bernard Russell CRANNEY [1890-....]

f. Daniel CRANNEY [c1878-1954] m Alma May BUMSTEAD [1887-1980]

g. Edith CRANNEY [....-....] m (1)............GODSON [....-....] & (2) ..........PHILLIPS [....-....]

h. James A. CRANNEY [....-....] m ..............Unknown Wife [....-....]

i. John T. CRANNEY [....-....]

j. Margaret CRANNEY [....-....] m J. ANDERSON [....-....]

k. (Elizabeth C.?) Rose CRANNEY [....-....] m Frank GARRETT [....-....]

  vi Patrick CRANNEY [1843-1918] m Ann "Annie" McCASKILL [1845-1929],
d/o Hugh McCASKILL and Unknown Wife, having eight children:

a. Michael CRANNEY [1867-1939] m (1) Sarah BERRIDGE [1869-....]
d/o George BERRIDGE and Harriet BAKER
& m (2) Elizabeth Jane DWYER [....-1969]

b. Daniel CRANNEY [1869-1943] m Grace E. REID [1890-1951]

c. Mary CRANNEY [1870-1962] m Francis "Frank" McGUIRE [....-....]
s/o William McGUIRE and Ellen O'CONNOR

d. Phoemie CRANNEY [1873-....] m John A. ASHER [....-....]

e. Elizabeth CRANNEY [1875-1947] m Joseph ADAMS [1873-1931]

f. John Joseph CRANNEY [1876-1951] (bachelor)

g. Catherine L. CRANNEY [1879-1940] m John WILSON [....-....]
s/o Thomas WILSON and Margaret REOCH

h. Ann CRANNEY [1882-1949] m Thomas FINDLAY [....-....]

vii Catherine CRANNEY [1843-....] m William CARR [1837-....]
s/o James CARR and Mary Ann BARTON


viii Helen "Ellen" CRANNEY [1845-1943] m Thomas GALVIN Sr. [1836-c1908],
s/o Dennis GALVIN and Bridget CANAVEY, having ten children:

a. Bridget "Catherine" GALVIN [....-1945] m Hugh McCASKILL [1865-1949]
s/o Angus McCASKILL and Mary ..........

b. Mary E. "Maime" GALVIN [....-....] m Albert O. MUNSON [....-....]

c. Thomas GALVIN Jr. [....-....] (bachelor)

d. Matthew GALVIN [....-....] m Bessie ..........[....-....]

e. Helen GALVIN [....-....] m ..........COCHLINE [....-....]

f. Four Unknown Children GALVIN [....-....]

ix  Michael CRANNEY [1845-....]

x Owen Eugene CRANNEY [1848-1936] m (1) Hanora O'CONNOR [....-....] having one child:

a. John CRANNEY [....-....]

m (2) Catherine O'CONNOR [....-....] having one child:

a. Joseph R. CRANNEY [....-....]

xi  Elizabeth CRANNEY [1849-1917] m George WILSON [....-1914]

xii Eleanor CRANNEY [1851-....]

xii Daniel CRANNEY [1853-....]

* 6. Patrick TRAINOR [1814-1878] m Catherine CRANNEY [1817-1892]
d/o Michael CRANNEY Sr. and Unknown Wife, having ten children:

i Mary Anne TRAINOR [1835-....] m Patrick "John" O'CONNOR [....-....] having three known children:

a. Cornelius O'CONNOR [1866-....] m Mary McNERTNEY [1866-....]
d/o James McNERTNEY and Unknown Wife

b. James O'CONNOR [1869-....]

c. Michael O'CONNOR [1871-1933] m Mary HURLEY [1861-1940]
d/o John HURLEY and Bridget ..........


ii Bernard TRAINOR [1837-....] m Mary Jane CATEN [....-....]

iii Elizabeth TRAINOR [1842-....] m Michael McGEARY [c1830-....]
s/o Patrick McGEARY and Ann CAVANAGH, having three known children:

a. Bernard McGEARY [1864-....]

b. Michael McGEARY [1868-....]

c. Morris John McGEARY [1871-....]

iv John TRAINOR [1839-1920] m Helen "Ellen" O'NEILL [1837-1911]
d/o Patrick O'NEILL and Mary O'BRIEN, having ten children:

a. Patrick J. TRAINOR [1864-1954] m Louise BYRNE [1873-1943]

b. James Joseph TRAINOR [1875-1953] m Josephine E. McCONNELL [1879-1958]
d/o Francis J. McCONNELL and Margaret O'ROURKE

c. Thomas Joseph TRAINOR [1879-1948] m Elizabeth "Bertha" CREEDON [1886-1956]
d/o Thomas J. CREEDON and Bridget McCANN

d. Charles Francis TRAINOR [1884-1958] (bachelor)

e. Michael J. TRAINOR [1874-1961] m Mary Elizabeth "Lily" BYRNE [1877-1955]

f. Mary Ann TRAINOR [1862-1947] m (1) George HANLON [1850-1888]
s/o John HANLON and Catherine BAIRD
and m (2) Daniel CASEY [1849-1922]
s/o Morris CASEY and Ellen McNAMARA

g. Hannah Theresa "Ann" TRAINOR [1876-1964] m Owen McGOLDRICK [1875-1952]
s/o John McGOLDRICK and Margaret QUIRK

h. Maria Jane "Janey" TRAINOR [1867-1946] m Bernard O'HARA [1859-1926]
s/o John O'HARA and Mary DUNPHY

i. Ellen Mary "Nellie" TRAINOR [1869-1941] m Francis McENANEY [1856-1922]
s/o Patrick McENANEY and Anne McCLELLAND

j. John TRAINOR, Jr. [1870-1921] m Agnes Cecilia MARSHALL [1874-1916]
d/o James MARSHALL Jr. and Elizabeth BRENNAN
and m (2) the widow ............RICHARDSON [....-....]


v Michael TRAINOR [1843-1921] m Ellen CURTIS [1844-1929]
d/o John CURTIS and Ann SHORTELL, having eight known children:

a. Loretto TRAINOR [1869-....]

b. Anne TRAINOR [1872-1949] m Cornelius MURPHY [1871-1945]
s/o Michael MURPHY and Elizabeth MADIGAN

c. Laura TRAINOR [1873-....]

d. Michael Ambrose TRAINOR [1878-....] m Elizabeth Winnifred MARSHALL [1877-1918]
d/o William MARSHALL and Mary MULLEN

e. Annie TRAINOR [1878?-....]

f. Lucy TRAINOR [1878?-1895]

g. Ellen "Louisa" TRAINOR [1880-....]

h. James Albert TRAINOR [1883-....]

vi Patrick TRAINOR, Jr. [1845-....] m Honora Terese "Hannah" MURPHY [1844-....]
d/o John MURPHY and Hannah DOUGHERTY, having one known child:

emigrated to Logan Township, Perth County, Ontario

a. James Joseph TRAINOR [1871-....]

vii Johanna Jane TRAINOR [1848-....] (twin of (Mary) Ellen) m Patrick DOUGHERTY [1845-1875] s/o Bernard DOUGHERTY and Mary Ann McCONNELL, having two children:

a. Loretta May DOUGHERTY [1873-....]

b. Ellen Jane DOUGHERTY [1875-....]

* viii (Mary) Ellen TRAINOR [1848-1933] m John Joseph McCABE Sr. [1850-1931]
s/o Patrick McCABE and Cecilia DENNIS, having five children:

*a. Patrick Joseph McCABE [1880-1971] m Mary Theresa McCABE,
d/o Patrick "Paul" McCABE and Mary HUGHES (Adjala Twp. McCabe's) [1880-1962]

b. John Joseph McCABE Jr. [1881-1942] m Mary MEAGHER [1886-1962]
d/o John Joseph MEAGHER and Bridget QUINN

c. Charles Francis McCABE [1882-1944] (bachelor)

d. Laura Mary McCABE [1884-aft.1901] (died in childhood)

e. Agnes Helena McCABE [1890-1944] (spinster)

ix Catherine TRAINOR [1853-1935] m Robert James SHORTELL Sr. [1844-1922]
s/o Richard SHORTELL and Catherine CONWAY, having nine children:

a. Francis Joseph SHORTELL [1876-....]

b. Patrick John SHORTELL [1878-....]

c. Robert "James" SHORTELL Jr. [1879-1967] m Bridget "Anne" HORAN [1877-1961]
d/o William HORAN and Mary Ann FOWLER

d. Ellen Jane SHORTELL [1880-....]

e. Ann May SHORTELL [1881-....]

f. Michael Francis SHORTELL [1882-1969] m Marjory Elizabeth ROBERTSON [1896-....]

g. Thomas SHORTELL [1884-....]

h. Bernard Edward SHORTELL [1892-....]

i. Charles Leo SHORTELL [1896-1964] m Virginia Catherine DINAN [1897-196?]

x Thomas TRAINOR [1856-1863]

7. Bernard TRAINOR [1818-1866] m Bridget McFARLANE [1821-....]
d/o Terrance McFARLANE and Elizabeth MULLEN, having eight children:

Additional Historical Note:

Bernard TRAINOR,
arrested and incarcerated, along with numerous others,
in the Don Jail, Toronto, York County, Ontario
for his active participation with the rebels during the
1837 Rebellion of Upper Canada,
was released on pardon and warrant
of peaceful behaviour some months later.


i Patrick TRAINOR [1843-....] m (1st) Bridget WHITE [....-assume before 1869]
having one known child:

a. Catherine TRAINOR [1860-....]

and m (2nd) (1869 in Huron Co., Ontario) Ellen BURNS [c1847-....]
d/o Malachy "Michael" BURNS and Catherine TROPY


ii Terrance TRAINOR [1845-....]

iii Mary TRAINOR [1848-....]

iv Elizabeth TRAINOR [1849-....]

v Joseph Barnard TRAINOR [1849-1909]
emigrated to Washington State, USA
m Sarah Jane "Sadie" KEEFER [1870-1899] having five children:

a. Joseph B. TRAINOR [1892-1963] m Unknown Wife [....-....]

b. Francis Marion TRAINOR [1895-1969] bachelor

c. Mary Edna TRAINOR [1897-1972] m (1) ....... OLLI [....-....]
and m (2) Elmer EMMONS [1904-1990]

d. unknown TRAINOR [1899-c1899]

e. deceased infant [....-....]

vi Peter TRAINOR [1854-1944]
emigrated 1878 to Michigan, USA
m Ellen CULHANE [1868-....] having seven children:

a. Bernard TRAINOR [1890-....]

b. John TRAINOR [1892-....]

c. Harry TRAINOR [1894-1967]

d. Annabelle "Lizzie" TRAINOR [1899-1972] m Stephen J. MIELOCK [1899-1986]
s/o Stanislaus Kosta "Stephen" MIELOCK and Josephine DENEGOWSTA

e. Catherine TRAINOR [1901-....]

f. deceased in childhood [....-bef. 1900]

g. deceased in childhood [....-bef. 1900]

vii Francis TRAINOR [1857-1930]
emigrated to Washington State, USA


viii Michael TRAINOR [1860-....]

8. Catherine TRAINOR [1822-1893] m Cornelius O'CONNOR, Sr. [1817-1891]
having eight children:


i John O'CONNOR [1845-1914] m (1) Elizabeth DOUGHERTY [1846-1901]
d/o Bernard DOUGHERTY and Mary Ann McCONNELL, having nine children:


a. Catherine Marie O'CONNOR [1870-1961] m Andrew McFARLANE [1868-1949]

b. Joseph O'CONNOR [1871-....] m Emma KEARNS [....-....]

c. Ellen Jane O'CONNOR [1873-1919] m Andrew ALLISON [....-....]

d. Thomas O'CONNOR [1875-1950]

e. Elizabeth "Lillie" O'CONNOR [1876-1962] m Michael J. McDONNELL [....-....]

f. Patrick O'CONNOR [1877-1921] m Rachel BUSKIN [1883-1936]

g. Margaret Louise O'CONNOR [1878-1962] m Thomas DUFFY [1880-1950]

h. Cornelius O'CONNOR [1879-1916] m Lucy LISTON [....-1970]

i. Charles O'CONNOR [aft.1880-1942] m Catherine DUFFY [1891-1931]

and, i John O'CONNOR [1845-1914] m (2) Ellen COSGROVE
(widow of ..........MARSHALL) [....-....]


ii Patrick O'CONNOR [1847-1931] m Mary Ann CAHILL [1854-1923]
d/o Edward Timothy CAHILL and Ellen CAVANAGH, having six children:

a. John Joseph O'CONNOR [1878-1957] m Jessie WARD [1884-1959]

b. Ellen "Nellie" O'CONNOR [1880-1970]
m Richard George Crume BAIGENT [1869-1936]

c. Edward O'CONNOR [1884-1914]

d. Thomas Power O'CONNOR [1886-1933] m Winnie ..........[1894-c1918]

e. Mary Ann O'CONNOR [1890-1968]

f. Kathleen O'CONNOR [1892-1911]

iii Michael O'CONNOR [1848-....]

iv Mary O'CONNOR [1850-1855]

v Catherine O'CONNOR [1854-1855]

vi Ellen O'CONNOR [1855-1924] m Bernard McCABE [1848-1916]
s/o Patrick McCABE and Cecilia DENNIS, having three children:

a. Bernard John McCABE [1880-....] m Wilfreda "Freda" DEACON [1897-1999]
d/o John DEACON and Margaret Ellen EAGAN

b. Cornelius "Neil" McCABE [1882-1957] m (1) Laura Helena M. CASEY [1891-1937]
d/o Daniel CASEY and Mary Ann TRAINOR
and m (2) Ella COSGROVE [1894-1972]
d/o William H. COSGROVE and Mary Ann KELLY

c. Patrick Denver McCABE [1884-1967] m (1) Agnes BYRNE [1892-1976]
d/o Martin BYRNE Jr. and Mary Elizabeth HARRISON
and m (2) Esther "Essie" McGUINESS [....-....] the widow of
Franklin HULLEY, Jr. b1882 Radcliffe, Lancashire, England, UK
d1916 Canadian Army Expeditionary Force, KIA WW1 the Somme, France
s/o Franklin HULLEY, Sr. and Emily GROVES


vii Cornelius O'CONNOR, Jr. [1856-bef.1901] m Ellen "Ella" CAHILL [1863-1941]
d/o Edward Timothy CAHILL and Ellen CAVANAGH


viii Thomas O'CONNOR [1858-1872]

9. Eleanor (Ellen) TRAINOR [1823-1906] m Thomas O'SHEA [1817-1890]
s/o Henry SHEE (O'SHEE) Jr. and Eliza SHORE, having eight children:
(emigrated to Saline Co., Kansas, USA)


i Henry O'SHEA [1849-1907] m Julia Theodosia PURCELL [1854-1922]
d/o Patrick Pender PURCELL and Elizabeth Ann GROGAN, having seven children:

a. Ellen Eulalia O'SHEA [1881-1967] m (1) Gideon H. STOLZFUS [1877-1913]
and m (2) Vance Wellen ESTES [1874-1946]

b. Mary Elizabeth O'SHEA [1883-1915] m Jacob BACHOFER [1873-1956]

c. Thomas Peter O'SHEA [1885-1966] m Katherine Eveline CONDE [1895-1968],
d/o Edwin Zollycopher "Frank" CONDE and Jennie Marie DRAIN

d. Agnes Cecilia O'SHEA [1887-1905]

e. Joseph Francis O'SHEA [1890-1961] m Emma Louise BEILER [1888-1961]

f. Josephine Ann O'SHEA [1890-1981] (twin of Joseph) m Lewellen Elsworth FLEMING [1879-1956]

g. James George O'SHEA Sr. [1893-1967] m Sarah Alida CONDE [1893-1993],
d/o Edwin Zollycopher "Frank" CONDE and Jennie Marie DRAIN


ii Patrick Joseph O'SHEA [1850-1906] m Barbara Elizabeth DELL [1855-1910]
d/o Nicholas DELL and Catherine .........., having three children:

a. Thomas Leo O'SHEA [1883-1891]

b. Henry O'SHEA [1885-1885]

c. Mary Eleanor O'SHEA [1887-1929] m Edward Joseph STRECKFUS [1881-1940]

iii Catherine O'SHEA [1851-1943] m Thomas HOYNE [1839-1924]
s/o William HOYNE and Margaret MALONE, having nine children:

a. William James HOYNE [1873-1953] m Alice Leila DECIUS [1876-1970]
d/o Hiram Bolivar DECIUS and Henrietta BLUM aka McCARTNEY

b. Mary Eleanor HOYNE [1875-1877]

c. Thomas Edward HOYNE [1877-1946] m Essie Glenn SPENCER [1885-1969]

d. Margaret Jane HOYNE [1879-1928] m Hiram John BETTY [1871-1928],
s/o Homer BETTY and Sarah LEE

e. Catherine Julia HOYNE [1881-1927] m James Wyrum ELLIS [1877-1971]

f. Elizabeth Ann HOYNE [1883-1965] m Patrick J. McGUIRE [1878-1969]

g. Mabel Florence HOYNE [1885-1967] m Cecil John TILLETT [1877-1959]

h. Rosabell HOYNE [1890-1890]

i. Lillie May HOYNE [1891-1985] spinster

iv Andrew O'SHEA [1855-1857] (twin of John)

v John O'SHEA [1855-1921] m Mary A. BERTLES [1853-1912]
d/o Martin BERTLES and Anna (Anne) MALONE, having five children:

a. Mary O'SHEA [1883-1965] m Franklin Albert HASKER [1881-1951]

b. Elizabeth O'SHEA [1887-1967] m David Alexander HASKER [1878-1938]

c. Margaret O'SHEA [1890-1976] m Francis Joseph BRADY [1885-1970]

d. Rose O'SHEA [1892-1961] m James Joseph BELL [1887-1933]

e. Andrew John O'SHEA [1897-1969] m Mary Bridget MULLOY [1896-1987],
d/o Thomas John MULLOY and Margaret Mary BARRETT


vi Ellen Mary O'SHEA [1858-1949] m Charles E. HUNTSBARGER [1855-1928]

vii Elizabeth O'SHEA [1862-1886] m Daniel H. KASTNER [1862-....] having one child:

a. Frederick Daniel KASTNER [1885-1951] m Mary Elizabeth STACK [1884-1972]

viii Mary O'SHEA [1864-1871]

10. Jane TRAINOR [....-c1864] m Patrick MAHAR (MEAGHER) [....-....]



The family surname appears on a variety of documents with the various spellings of TRAINOR, TRAYNOR, TREANOR, and TRENOR



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