The Irish surname McCabe is patronymic in origin, being derived from the forename of the original bearer's father. In this case the surname, found in Irish as Mac Caba, denotes simply the "son of Caba". The surname is in fact of Scottish origin and arrived in Ireland from the Western Isles around the year 1350. The early bearers were descended from the Clan Mac Leod of Arran and were leaders of the gallowglasses (mercenary soldiers ultimately of Norse-Hebridean origin) in the armies of the O' Reillys and O' Rourkes, the principal septs of Breffny and princes of Oriel. The McCabes continued as gallowglasses for two centuries and their chiefs held the titles Constable of Breffny, Constable of Oriel and Constable of the two Breffnys, Fermanagh and Oriel. In time the McCabes came to be regarded, themselves, as a Breffny sept and held large areas of land in Counties Monaghan and Cavan. The principal families McCabe were dispossessed of their lands in the Catholic debacle following the Battle of Aughtrim in 1691.


Aut vincere aut mori

To conquer or to die




Early Pioneer Settlers
King Township,
York County




15 February, 1955
Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County, Ontario

Patrick Joseph McCABE [1880-1971]
son of John Joseph McCABE, Sr.[b1850] and Ellen TRAINOR [b1848]
King Township, York County, Ontario McCABE Family
Mary Theresa McCABE [1880-1962]
daughter of Patrick "Paul" McCABE [b1841] and Mary HUGHES [b1846]
Adjala Township, Simcoe County, Ontario McCABE Family

- some of their children and grandchildren -



Pioneer Emigrant Son

Patrick McCABE


son of family patriarch Thomas McCABE and his wife Ellen SULLIVAN,
natives of the  the vicinity of Kilcleif and Strangford, Co. Down, Ireland

emigrated to King Township, York County, Ontario, CANADA


 followed by his wife, Cecilia DENNIS,

daughter of John DENNIS and Sarah DALY



The Vestry Minutes and the Parish Registry of Saul, Co. Down, Ireland
respectively record both the marriage of
Patrick McCABE and Cecilia DENNIS
November 1, 1842
and the birth of their daughter
Susanna McCABE
September 18, 1844

It is recorded in the Canada Land Company Remittance Books for 1843-1847 that Patrick McCABE sent money from Lloydtown, King Township, Ontario care of the Kilcleif Post Office, Strangford, near Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland
"to pay Cecilia McCABE's passage and outfit to Canada".

Cecilia brought with her their infant daughter, Susanna McCABE

Patrick McCABE took up a grant of land near the junction of the Fifth Concession and Sixteenth Sideroad of King Township

His holding was eventually to be known as "King Ridge Farm" which, a century later, was designated as a "Century Farm" of Ontario.

Of historical interest is the fact that this "farm" lay along the geographical "ridge" in "King" Township which separated the major watershed between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario.

Thus, the name, "King Ridge Farm".


* Patrick McCABE [1815-1905]
m 1 November, 1842
Parish of Saul, Co. Down, Ireland
Cecilia DENNIS [1821-1853]
d/o John DENNIS and Sarah DALY,
having three children:


(1) Susanna "Susan" McCABE [1844-1921]
born Parish of Saul, Co. Down, Ireland
m Unknown Date, bef.1881
King Township, York County, Ontario
John J. O'CONNOR [....-....]
(possible s/o Patrick O'CONNOR and Bridget (Elizabeth) ............),
having four children:

(1) i. Mary Cecilia O'CONNOR [1881-1969]
m 18 November, 1903
King Township, York County, Ontario
Joseph Patrick HODGINS [1874-1955]
s/o Michael J. HODGINS and Mary GUTHRIE
Possible Children Unknown

(1) ii. John Joseph O'CONNOR [1883-....]
Possible Marriage Unknown

(1) iii. James Albert O'CONNOR [1884-....]
Possible Marriage Unknown

(1) iv. Susanna Margaret O'CONNOR [1886-....]
m 4 November, 1912
King Township, York County, Ontario
Thomas O'LEARY [1881-....]
s/o John O'LEARY and Catherine HUGHES,
having eight known children:

a. John Thomas O'LEARY [1914-....]

b. Alphonsus Algidius O'LEARY [1918-....]
m 8 February, 1947
Toronto, York County, Ontario
Marion Louise MacDONALD [....-....]

d/o Unknown MacDONALD and Unknown Wife

c. James Clarence O'LEARY [1920-....]

d. Albert O'LEARY [....-....]

e. Alvin O'LEARY [....-....]

f. Augustine O'LEARY [....-....]

g. Frances O'LEARY [....-....]

h. Mary Margaret O'LEARY [....-....]


 (2) Bernard McCABE [1848-1916]
m 18 November, 1879
King Township, York County, Ontario
Ellen O'CONNOR [1855-1924]
d/o Cornelius O'CONNOR and Catherine TRAINOR,
having three children:

(2) i. Bernard John McCABE [1880-....]
m Unknown Date
King Township, York County, Ontario
Wilfreda "Freda" DEACON [1897-1999]
d/o John DEACON and Margaret Ellen EAGAN
having one child:

a. Rita Viola McCABE [....-....] (died in youth)

(2) ii. Cornelius "Neil" McCABE [1882-1957]
m 1st, 11 June, 1913
Newmarket, York County, Ontario
Laura Helena M. CASEY [1891-1937]
d/o Daniel CASEY and Mary Ann TRAINOR,
having two children:

a. Irene McCABE [....-....]
m Unknown Date and Place
W. BRILLISFORD [....-....]
s/o Unknown BRILLISFORD and Unknown Wife

b. Helena McCABE [....-....]
m Unknown Date and Place
R. A. FISHER [....-....]
s/o Unknown FISHER and Unknown Wife

(2) ii. Cornelius "Neil" McCABE
m 2nd, 9 October, 1943
Toronto, York County, Ontario
Ellen L. "Ella" COSGROVE [1891-1972]
d/o William H. COSGROVE and Mary Ann KELLY

 (2) iii. Patrick Denver McCABE [1884-1967]
m 1st, Unknown Date
Agnes BYRNE [1892-1976]
d/o Martin BYRNE and Mary Elizabeth HARRISON,
having two children:

a. Francis McCABE [....-....]

b. Mary Susan McCABE-STRAUSS [....-....]
m Unknown Date
Wilfred Francis "Duck" DUGGAN [1918-1990]
s/o James DUGGAN and Mary McDOUGAL

 (2) iii. Patrick Denver McCABE
m 2nd, 14 January, 1930
Toronto, York County, Ontario
Esther "Essie" McGUINESS [....-....]
d/o Unknown McGUINESS and Unknown Wife,

and widow of Franklin HULLEY [1882-1916]




(3) * John Joseph McCABE, Sr. [1850 - 1931]
m Unknown Date
King Township, York County, Ontario
Ellen TRAINOR [1848- 1933]
d/o Patrick TRAINOR and Catherine CRANNEY (CRANNY),
having five children:


(3) i. * Patrick Joseph McCABE [1880 - 1971]
m 15 February, 1905
Thornhill, Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario
Mary Theresa McCABE [1880 1962]
of the Adjala Township, Simcoe County, McCABE family,
d/o Patrick "Paul" McCABE and Mary HUGHES,
having ten children:

Patrick Joseph McCabe and his wife Mary Theresa McCabe
Wedding Photograph - 15 February, 1905

a. Mary Theresa McCABE [1906-1977]
m Unknown Date
Adjala Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
John Francis WALSH [1898-1976]
s/o Thomas WALSH and Mary Ann COLLITON

b. Helena Ann McCABE [1907-1985]
m 1936
Adjala Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
James Henry GILMORE [1903-1983]
s/o James J. GILMORE and Annie Honorah "Nora" HORAN

c. Agnes Pauline McCABE [1909-1996]

d. John Francis McCABE [1912-1987]
m Unknown Date
Monica Rose TARDIVAL [1918-2001]
d/o John TARDIVAL and Florence MYNARD

e. Margaret Rose McCABE [1916-1998]
m Unknown Date
John WOOD [1910-1958]
s/o John WOOD and Jessica COOPER

f. Frances Edith Cavelle McCABE [1918-1994]
m Unknown Date
John Leon FLANAGAN [1915-1949]
s/o William FLANAGAN and Mary MONTAGUE

g. Monica Loretta McCABE [1920-1996]
m Unknown Date
Clarence Ambrose "Mike" DUGGAN [1922-2001]
s/o James DUGGAN and Mary McDOUGAL

h. Patrick Gerrard "Gerry" McCABE [1923-1999]
m 12 April, 1947
King Township, York County, Ontario
Christine McGUIRE [1920-....]
d/o Christopher Basil McGUIRE and Mary Ann Elizabeth O'BRIEN

i. Louis Bernard "Barney" McCABE [1926-1991]
m 1st, Unknown Date
Elizabeth "Betty" WINDLE [....-....]
d/o Unknown WINDLE and Unknown Wife

j. Michael Francis McCABE [1931-....]
m 1st, Unknown Date
Joyce Lynn WAUCHUPE [1925-1996]
d/o Nelson WAUCHUPE and Pearl LYNN

 (3) ii. John Joseph McCABE, Jr. [1881-1942]
m Unknown Date
Mary MEAGHER [1886-1962]
d/o John Joseph MEAGHER and Bridget QUINN,
having eight children:

a. John "Jack" McCABE [1906-1917]

b. Noel Herbert McCABE [1908-1988]
m 1936
Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario
Marion Veronica FLYNN [1914-1992]
d/o Thomas FLYNN and Ada Marion CUSHEN

c. Marion McCABE [1910-1917]

d. Lawrence McCABE [1912-1915]

e. Carol McCABE [1914-1969]
m Unknown Date
William HARPER [....-....]
s/o Unknown HARPER and Unknown Wife

f. Josephine McCABE [1916-1980]
m Unknown Date
Joseph R. HOTCHKISS [1915-1974]
s/o Unknown HOTCHKISS and Unknown Wife

g. Dorothy Agnes McCABE [1922-2000]
m Unknown Date
James Dew STEWART [1922-....]
s/o George Samuel STEWART and Caroline Esther DEW

h. Edward James McCABE, F/O *+
[1924-24 July, 1945]
Service Number J/43858
Flying Officer
Royal Canadian Air Force
441 Squadron
Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery,
Yorkshire, England, UK
Commemorated on Page 541 of the Canadian
Second World War Book of Remembrance


(3) iii. Charles Francis McCABE [1882-1944]

(3) iv. Laura Mary McCABE [1884-aft.1901]
died in youth

(3) v. Agnes Helena McCABE [1890-1944]



Historical Family Information

  During the Great Depression of the 1930's Rev. Francis McGOEY began his ambitious social and humanitarian project, " the Sacred Heart Community ", originally called Mount St. Francis, designed to provide new lives for hard working but destitute families struggling on relief in Toronto.

In 1934, John Joseph McCABE Sr. loaned 12 acres on the west half of lot 18, concession 4, to Father McGoey in order to establish the first five families in temporary homes on two acres of land each.

In 1935 these families were able to move into their permanent homes built on 50 acres of land on the south side of the 16th sideroad west of present day Hwy. 400, sold to the project by John Joseph Sr.

Further to this, John Joseph McCABE Sr. donated land from the family farm to the Archdiocese, for the building of the first Sacred Heart Church and cemetery, on the north west corner of the intersection of the Fifth Concession and the Sixteenth Sideroad of King Township.

The original "Sacred Heart Church" (Mt. St. Francis) built 1930

A new brick church was erected in 1960 after the roof of the old church collapsed under the weight of heavy snowfall.

Sacred Heart Church, King Township



Descendants of these early settlers continue to live in King
and the neighbouring townships to this day.

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