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 " There's a chain of golden memories

Leading down the path of time,

Wandering back 100 years to search the past

To the time of our forefathers from

far across the sea,

Who chose Canada to be their home at last.

Floating down the misty years

... we seek their aspirations to fulfill

The gentle wandering breezes

Many whisper o'er their graves,

And they will know that we

remember still "

excerpt from a 1976 poem written by
"Mae" McGuire

Mary Ann Elizabeth O'Brien 1893-1991

daughter and grand daughter of Simcoe County pioneers

Our earliest known ancestor emigrated
from Ireland to Ontario, Canada

Following are the family surnames and locales
that we are
researching in
Ontario, Canada

Peel County, Ontario

Adjala Township and Tecumseth Township
Simcoe County, Ontario

King Township, Vaughan Township,
Markham Township, Whitchurch Township
and York Township
York County, Ontario

and their surrounding areas


from some family surname branches

eventually emigrated to

Grey County, Ontario

Manitoulin District, Ontario

Wellington County, Ontario

Perth County, Ontario

and various locations throughout
Western Canada and the USA
as land became available for settlement

McCabe - Adjala Township, Simcoe County

McCabe - King Township, York County

Trainor/Traynor (Treanor)

Lowry (Lowery)

McGuire (Maguire)






 the above are connecting, searchable links of direct line surnames

the following is a list only, with direct line surnames highlighted

Armstrong, Baker, Bergin, Black, Brazil, Brennan, Bumstead, Burke, Burnie, Byrne, Cahill, Cahoon, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Casey, Caten, Cavanagh (Cavanaugh), Coffey, Coleman, Coliton (Culliton), Connelly, Conner, Connor, Conway, Cooney, Cosgrove, Creedon, Creenan, Creighton? (Creagh?, Creight?), Curran, Curtis, Daly (Daley), Deacon, Dennis, Devine, Donnelly, Dougherty, Doherty, Doyle, Drake, Duffy, Duggan, Dunne (Dunn), Dwyer, Eagan (Egan), Eagles, English, Fehelely, Finan, Finnerty, Flanagan, Galvin, Gibbons, Gilmore, Gorman, Gormican, Graham, Greaney (Grainey), Grogan, Hanley, Hanlon, Hanrahan, Harkin, Harkins, Harrigan, Harrison, Hart, Healey, Hearn, Heffernan, Hennessey, Heydon, Hickey, Hishon, Hodgins, Hogan, Hood, Horan, Hurley, Ingoldsby, Joyce, Kearnan, Kearns, Keating, Keenan, Kehoe, Keough, Kelly, King, Langley, Lavin, Lawlor, Lealess, Lynch, Lynett, Madigan, Maher, Mahon, Malone, Maloney, Marshall, Matthews, McArthur, McCann, McCaskill, McConnell, McDermott, McDevitt, McDonald, McElroy, McEnaney, McFarlane, McGann, McGeary, McGee, McGoey, McGoldrick, McKenna, McLaughlin, McMahon, McMillan, McMinn, McNamara, McNertney, McSherry, Meagher, Melander, Micks (Mix), Minnock, Mohan, Montague, Moran, Morrow, Mulholland, Munnoch, Murphy, O'Boyle, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Donnell, O'Hara, O'Hearn, O'Leary, O'Neil, O'Neill, O'Reilly (O'Reilley), O'Shea (O'Shee, Shea, Shee), Penelton, Pettit, Prior, Quinn, Reilly, Ronan, Rossiter, Rossney, Ryan, Seager, Selby, Sheehan, Shortell, Skelly, Small, Sullivan, Sweeney, Tighe, Tracey (Treacy, Tracy), Wallace, Walsh, Whelan (Whalen), Wilson, Wood, Woods 

...shaking loose the mystery"twigs" on the family tree...

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